Ever since Medium has started its membership program for $5 a month, the views of my medium blog posts have collapsed. Now is $5/month too much to ask?

No of course not, but since I write about all things crypto, I absolutely refuse to pay via PayPal, VISA or anything other than crypto.

I have written to medium support, no response.

So until Medium accepts crypto. This will probably be my last post.

I mean come on, is it so hard use lightning or MainChain Bitcoin or Ether. I don’t care what you do with the crypto once you get it.

But pretty please come join the 21 century.

There are four horsemen of the apocalypse ~ the diamond industry has the four Cs, being Carats, Color, Clarity and Cut. In my click bait title we have Crypto, Crisis, Carnage and Capitulation.

Wow! What a market, I suppose it’s definitive proof that it was/is a bubble.

The nocoiners can…

I often used to tease my son, that it was yesterday’s bread tomorrow, when bread was completely stale. Little did I know that this would happend to my Twitter handle! Anyone following me, knows that my Twitter account @DonTravlos is completely unable to follow any other account. The detailed situation…

Published on 20 May 2018

So, I have just waited 2 days to get my Twitter account @DonTravlos back. This is what happened: I responded to a tweet, I then retweeted the tweet I had responded to, immediately I got the following email,


Your account appears to have exhibited…

Don Travlos

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