TokenLand is awesome dude.

Okay I have been quiet for a while - between holidays and working on my other stuff. Read some really boring mathematical stuff involving recursions that need 5000 digits of precision to work and about deep neural networks.

Just want to mention a few things, I will disclose any positions I take in any token. I just saw in one Token sale that if you tweet about it they gave a bounty on the tokens. If that happens I will expressly mention it. At the moment, any money I make from crypto is from capital gains from holding it or through mining. I make no revenue from advertising or by knocking token sellers for commission for punting their token.

So my opinion of this token space, be very very careful. Looking at if you go to token holders, for instance in the case of FirstBlood, you can see that as of this writing, one address has 36% of the tokens.

Why is this important? I think that a lot of these token sales are being funded by a few “insiders.” In principle this is not a bad thing, but don’t be taken in by the hype that “we raised so much money so fast”. It’s definitely possible that the money was already allocated. By going the way of a token sale, the insiders get to invest and draw others in, thus lowering their risk. If the project is successful, the token value will soar and they will make a fortune. So far so good, I have no problem with this, but what if they control a majority of the tokens and at the same time own or have an influence over the company/people delivering the project; then it’s not okay. As an uninformed holder, that is, not an insider you should get a bigger discount on your entry price. Also remember it’s pretty easy to create multiple addresses to mask that one entity owns a large proportion.

My general feeling is these tokens are overvalued at the moment, the risk of going to zero is very high. They require a steep, steep discount to make them investable.

Since I mentioned FirstBlood, a quick comment: If you saw my article on etherDelta, the guy who developed that, is working on FirstBlood. I am not a gamer so struggling to understand this space. But I think they have a great idea. Planning to do a write up of the FirstBlood token 1st.